Al Pesso’s chapter for What Sustains Me

Moving Into Meaning, by Al Pesso, is now available as a formatted PDF.This chapter is part of the What Sustains Me project. Free download. Note: The PDF takes a moment to come up. This formatted PDF is at its most beautiful on a tablet such as an iPad. Here’s how to read it on your…

Conversation with John Christopher about well-being

In this conversation, we explore the notion of well-being and explore dimensions of well-being that have been neglected by mainstream psychology. In particular we consider the role of embodiment and spiritual surrender in well-being and try to link this to mindfulness, stress physiology, social inequalities in health. Dr. John Christopher is a psychotherapist, consultant, coach,…

What makes your heart sing?

What makes your heart sing?

The photo on this page shows an installation by two artists, Sophie Glikson Cahen and Marina Strauss. Made up of CDs assembled into a heart shape, this installation invites viewers to write on a CD “what makes their heart sing”. You can listen to an interview of the artists as part of the Focusing Conversations series.…

How to get more in touch with your feelings (and why)

The title of this article has two questions – a ‘how’ and a ‘why’. We’re going to start with the ‘why’. In her research on emotions, Lisa Feldman Barrett has found that people who have “finely tuned feelings” have “more precise tools for handling the myriad challenges that life throws at you”. Not just that.…

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