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In the moment: A fable about life

A gentle story about life, and the impermanence and beauty of Now. Like the other "Bedtime Stories For Your Inner Child", it is a short e-book (13 pages) and has few words and many images.

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Typical reader's comment

"Very nice piece - a little gem."

"Wonderful! I read your ebook aloud to myself...loving every moment. The words are just right, and your photographs illustrate beautifully. I love how very simple it is, and it also opens one to further awareness of the "Now." "

"A beautiful simple story... The analogy is lovely and the theme is very subtly reflected in the metaphor." 

"It's a lovely book - gentle, poetic and so NYC."

"The images and the words match beautifully; the sense of impermanence and the interconnectedness of all things reveals itself with each frame.  Lovely."

inner child

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