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The Cat & The Box: A fable about feeling stuck

This is a whimsical fable, featuring a cat who feels stuck inside a box... and how she gets unstuck. Like the other "Bedtime Stories For Your Inner Child", it is short (14 pages), and has few words and many images.

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Praise for The Cat & The Box

"I have been feeling the constraints of my holding back pattern, walking around inside my self made box, for some time now... Something spontaneously opened and broke free when I read your book, being simultaneously charmed by the sweetness of the cat and the subtle play of light on her fur, her so at-selfness in her catness, all of that moved me to a place of self awareness about my self imposed box. This has continued opening up in, what may look subtle and imperceptible to the outsider, feels dramatically different on the inside... My box is over there somewhere. I can look at it and become familiar with it now, for until last month, it was just an uncomfortable feeling and not really knowing the dynamics of it."

-Karen Whalen, Ph.D., co-author (with Kevin McEvenue) of the forthcoming Participatory Spirituality: Wholebody Focusing, Consciousness, and the Living Body

Typical reader's comment

"So sweet, so friendly, so accessible."

"I found it direct and to the point. It got me to think about the boxes I have locked myself into at times in my life."

inner child

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